Different training approaches

There are a number of different ways to approach your learning and development that I can discuss with you.

Check them out below to identify which ones best suit your needs:


The good old traditional way of delivering training! This approach is great when you are able to release people from the workplace for several days at a time.

The advantage is that participants are removed from their place of work, they get to meet, network and collaborate with others and they have more time to focus on themselves.

The disadvantage is that many people struggle to disengage from their work either because they are worried about a growing backlog or because they get lots of interruptions from their manager or colleagues. It can make it hard for them to fully engage with the experience especially if the training is longer than two days.


Becoming popular, this approach mixes the best of in-person, live virtual and self-paced learning.

The advantage is that participants can fit it in around their work and because it is a program of learning over a longer period of time (6 to 12 months or longer), change is more likely to become embedded. This is because ownership and accountability for learning is placed firmly on the shoulders of the individual.

The disadvantage is that without focus people can lose momentum, but with regular check-ins, a clear program curriculum, and with the support of their sponsor or manager they are able to keep on track.


What advances in technology and the COVID-19 pandemic have taught us is that online virtual training can be just as effective as in-person when it is done in the right way.

The advantage is that you can attend from your workplace and there are no additional venue or travel costs, and most virtual training is delivered in manageable chunks of time.

The disadvantage is that you don’t get the same level of connection that you would get in-person, but if facilitated well, they can be fun, rewarding and informative.


This form of learning is directed solely by the participant, and they can dip in and out of it as and when they wish.

This makes it easier to slot into existing workloads. This type of learning includes video, reflective journaling, animation, quizzes, and more to engage with different learning styles.

The disadvantage is that it is reliant on self-motivation and can be a lonely experience if the participant is not part of a cohort of learners with regular check-ins.

The Inspired Leadership Training Programme

A great example of a highly successful blended learning programme that you can implement for your emerging and aspiring leaders and for your established management teams.


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  • Clodagh Daly
    Debbie’s sincerity is what sets her apart from other learning coaches and it’s what makes her coaching so damn effective. She genuinely cares about individuals success. She believes wholeheartedly that many of us hold ourselves back and get in our own way. Her empathy means she teases this from us and pushes us to examine ourselves. Her belief that we can succeed once we understand and tackle these limitations is infectious. She shares her own vulnerabilities to help us see our own. I speak from personal experience. Debbie has helped my self confidence immeasurably and the lessons she taught me remain relevant as my career progresses…. which it has, just as she told me it would. If you have the opportunity to invest time with her or are considering having your employees do so, grab the chance. You will reap the rewards for years to come.
    Clodagh Daly
    Technical Sales Director | IBM UK&I
  • Daria Markova
    I sincerely want to thank you for the outstanding work you do. Our classes were well-organized, with a warm atmosphere.  One of the most interesting and useful for me personally and my career development.
    Daria Markova
    Partner Recruitment Leader | IBM Russia
  • Workshop Participant
    Not sure where the 3 hours went with Debbie.  It flew by quickly! Great break out topics and iteration on Networking.  So, starting my journey by accepting the advantage of getting actively involved in social media (LinkedIn for now), as appreciate the benefit when used well. Understanding the pulse of an organisation to build relationships and the Body Language topics, most valuable!
    Workshop Participant
  • EMEA & APAC Programme Director
    I attended the webinar today, and also have had feedback from many colleagues from across the division, that they really enjoyed the webinar. It was nice and interactive which made it really engaging.  The presenter, Debbie Anderson, was great.  She fully interacted with the audience regularly and gave some really practical tips for people to take away and start using.
    EMEA & APAC Programme Director
  • Ian Leonard
    Debbie is simply the best trainer I have ever worked with, she has the ability to make a dull subject interesting and keep a class alive even when energy levels are dropping. Her style is inclusive and amenable as well as engaging. I can highly recommend her and am sure she will exceed your expectations.
    Ian Leonard
    Enterprise Sales Leader
  • Jenny Tydeman
    Debbie Anderson is one of the most energised, passionate people I've had the pleasure of co-facilitating Management Training with.  She is extremely enthusiastic and has a unique way of engaging the participants and drawing out the best in them ensuring they leave excited and motivated.  I have had the amazing experience of watching her engage completely unengaged participants and turning them around to be fully participative.  She is an absolute pleasure to work with, her humour and professionalism are inspiring and certainly the courses we co-facilitated together received 100% very satisfied participants.
    Jenny Tydeman
    Watson Ambassador & Manager