I want our conversation to focus on what you want to achieve, not haggling over price

I don’t know about you, but I find it incredibly frustrating when suppliers and providers don’t tell you how much something will cost and the only way to find out is to contact them.

I usually switch off and move on to another website because I don’t want to waste time only to find that they are beyond my budget or don’t meet my needs.

For me, transparency is key, and whilst there are no absolute prices in training and coaching because each client will have different needs, it is important that you get a feel of what to expect so I have provided some indicative figures for both my training and coaching practices.

Bespoke Training

Half day or full day
Priced from £1 250
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Training Programmes

For 12 - 16 participants
Priced from £9 000
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Inspired Leadership

For up to 10 delegates
Priced from £12 000
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Programmes and one-off coaching
Priced from £300
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