Helping you achieve your goals

We all have the resources and internal capabilities to achieve our objectives and own our change, but sometimes we need a little bit of help along the way.

This is where I can help. As your thinking partner and helpful challenger, I can help you to achieve your goals by focusing on three different types of coaching:

There is often a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about what coaching really is, so here is my definition: A coach is an equal thinking partner for their client. Through listening, questioning, observation, and feedback, the coach supports their client in defining their vision and assists them in focusing on the development of their specific goals, actions and the motivation required to enable change.

A coach can also be an invaluable non-judgemental sounding board for their client, creating a supportive space where they will listen with curiosity and will reflect their client’s views and experiences back to them to help them grow their understanding and self-awareness.

The transformative nature of coaching occurs through the client being ultimately responsible for the results they create. It is future focused.

For coaching to be truly effective it is important to build a relationship of trust between the coach and the client.

If the chemistry is not there then it won’t work so before any coaching starts, I always have a ‘get to know you’ chemistry meeting where we talk about what to expect in the coaching relationship and agree on the next steps.

As your coach I will:

Facilitate the creation of your transformative goals
Hold your well-being, development, and agenda as the central focus of our coaching relationship
Be honest and straightforward in asking questions, making requests, sharing observations and in giving you feedback
Act as a non-judgemental sounding board

Create a supportive space where I will listen with genuine curiosity
Support you in identifying specific actions to enable your future vision and hold you to account for those agreed actions
Reflect your views and experiences back to you with a view to deepening your understanding and self-awareness
Hold all information you provide, and treat any discussion we have, in the strictest confidence

As part of my coaching practice, I may make occasional use of tools such as personality profiling or other exercises to enhance your self-understanding. This approach also helps me to understand you better so that I can tailor my coaching to your preferred learning style.


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  • Lisa Tomlinson
    Debbie is an incredibly accomplished coach, she uses her vast knowledge and experience of leadership to add value to the sessions and her coachees. Debbie gets to the heart of an issue and challenges thinking, she inspires transformational change for her coachees. She helped me to make a life changing shift in my career and supported me through that change, I’m not sure I would’ve had the confidence to do this without her. I would highly recommend Debbie as a coach.
    Lisa Tomlinson
    FCIPD - Director / Founder
  • Tass Smith
    Thanks, Debbie, for our really useful coaching sessions.  I have enjoyed digging into a wide range of subjects, some quite discrete, others seemingly overwhelming.  In each case, I left our session feeling that I had rediscovered some inner strength, had learned a new technique that I could use to grow or had become aware of a previously held self-limiting belief.  Really insightful stuff.
    Tass Smith
    Transformation Lead
  • Jeremy Jobling
    I am so thankful for Debbie’s skill at listening to me and deciding on a direction to take with me that was appropriate to my needs and extremely effective in helping me gain the moment and confidence I needed.  I was completely unsure about how the coaching journey would work out and was happily surprised to find myself in the skilled hands of an expert coach who both listens well and leads well with astute questions.
    Jeremy Jobling
  • Phil Kennedy
    Coaching with Debbie was able to elevate my perspective with regards to my current situation via the use of key exercises and helped me to create a clear structure for the next steps of my career.
    Phil Kennedy
    Media Account Director