The coaching process

Whilst a lot of people will advocate for coaching always being in person, it can be equally effective when conducted over a video conferencing platform.

As the world moves towards a more virtual and remote way of working there are many benefits that can come from this approach in terms of flexibility, environment and time of day.

Regardless of the way in which coaching is conducted there are a number of steps that I take to ensure that the coaching client receives all of the support they need in a structured way. These steps are as follows:

The Chemistry Meeting

All future and potential clients will have a 30 minute ‘chemistry’ meeting.

This is an informal get-to-know-you meeting where we can establish if we are a good match. There is nothing worse than being coached by someone that you do not connect with so a relationship of trust is important. This meeting will also include a preliminary discussion about your objectives and information about what to expect next.

There is no formal commitment for you to undertake coaching at this stage.

Making the Decision

Do you select an adhoc one-off coaching session for a specific issue that can be worked through quickly or do you go for a programme that takes you on a more transformational journey?

The choice is yours though I will provide you with options that most effectively meet your needs, and if you are self-funding, are not too painful on your purse!


This is a really important part of the process because it formalises the nature of the coaching relationship.

Each contract is unique to the needs of the individual and it serves as a way of protecting the coach and the client whilst also outlining the client’s goals and objectives.

The Coaching

Regardless of whether it is a one-off or part of a programme the style of coaching will be adapted to meet your needs ranging from more formal and structured to more systemic go-with-the-flow.

The use of images, models, online tools, prompt cards and even profiling can be used to stimulate thinking.

Final Review

This is your opportunity to assess the progress you have made, establish if the coaching has helped you achieve your goals and provide feedback on how it has worked for you.


If you would like to book a free 30 minute chemistry meeting, get in touch


  • Lisa Tomlinson
    Debbie is an incredibly accomplished coach, she uses her vast knowledge and experience of leadership to add value to the sessions and her coachees. Debbie gets to the heart of an issue and challenges thinking, she inspires transformational change for her coachees. She helped me to make a life changing shift in my career and supported me through that change, I’m not sure I would’ve had the confidence to do this without her. I would highly recommend Debbie as a coach.
    Lisa Tomlinson
    FCIPD - Director / Founder
  • Tass Smith
    Thanks, Debbie, for our really useful coaching sessions.  I have enjoyed digging into a wide range of subjects, some quite discrete, others seemingly overwhelming.  In each case, I left our session feeling that I had rediscovered some inner strength, had learned a new technique that I could use to grow or had become aware of a previously held self-limiting belief.  Really insightful stuff.
    Tass Smith
    Transformation Lead
  • Jeremy Jobling
    I am so thankful for Debbie’s skill at listening to me and deciding on a direction to take with me that was appropriate to my needs and extremely effective in helping me gain the moment and confidence I needed.  I was completely unsure about how the coaching journey would work out and was happily surprised to find myself in the skilled hands of an expert coach who both listens well and leads well with astute questions.
    Jeremy Jobling
  • Phil Kennedy
    Coaching with Debbie was able to elevate my perspective with regards to my current situation via the use of key exercises and helped me to create a clear structure for the next steps of my career.
    Phil Kennedy
    Media Account Director