My journey and how Enable Excellence began

My time in IBM gave me the opportunity to work cross culturally as a leader in worldwide and European teams. From 1999 I made the move into Human Resources and after completing my CIPD diploma I moved around a number of HR functions finally settling in Leadership Development.

The nine years in the Learning & Development team allowed me to hone my skills and expertise as a facilitator, consultant, and manager. I built my experience in traditional classroom based courses, virtual environments and large-scale events with internal and external clients in the public and private sectors. IBM was way ahead of the curve in terms of blended learning solutions, and I have been operating in this space for over 15 years.

Since setting up Enable Excellence I have continued my own learning and have become a certified ILM Executive Coach and Mentor.

I work with a broad spectrum of clients ranging from global Fortune 500 companies to local charities.

What makes me different?

My design and delivery of learning solutions is focused on meeting specific client needs.  Whilst many of the concepts will not be new, I package and deliver them in a way that makes them relevant and impactful to each individual.  By focusing on mind-set shift and long term positive growth I provide an environment where people have time to think and challenge their beliefs and assumptions. I encourage participants to focus on themselves with the view to increasing their self-awareness, which can be challenging to do in today's dynamic and ever changing environment.

Why choose me?

People are at the heart of every organisation.

I will work with you to design and deliver learning solutions that are fun, engaging and impactful. It’s not just about putting theory into practice; the emphasis is on encouraging participants to take ownership for their own development. Too many training programs rely on pushing people through a system without to holding people accountable for their long term growth. My approach not only benefits each individual but also the organisation; happy, motivated, skilled employees are key to business success.

Some examples of client satisfaction:

Overall satisfaction with health and wellbeing webinars


Overall satisfaction with in-person training


Overall satisfaction with empowering women programmes


Overall satisfaction with coaching

My commitment to you

facilitated conversations

Facilitated conversations

We learn from each other, not from an ‘expert’ at the head of the room
keeping it real

Keeping it real

Our lives and the stories we share build connections and community


When and where you want it, but it doesn’t drive the learning
learning from mistakes


Trying things out, experimentation and learning from mistakes in a safe way



“Comfort and growth do not co-exist” (Ginny Rometty, ex CEO of IBM)
useful tips

Practical approach

Useful tips that can be taken away to make a difference immediately
business goals

Meets your needs

Aligned to your business goals

Meet the team

Hi, my name is Fitz and I am the chief motivator and smile generator.

I take pleasure in making myself known when Debbie is training or coaching by jumping on her lap and wrapping my tail around her neck.  Many people have given me feedback that it makes their day when Debbie lifts me up so they can see me on camera.  

If you are lucky you may get the opportunity to meet me too!